Wednesday, May 9, 2012

appalachian church music

Appalachian church music has faded away, but some churches still sing these songs from back in the day. there is tons of songs some examples include speaking in the other tongues, Prayer changes things, and What kind of man. These songs spoke of all kinds of things like speaking in tongues, Being a good person, being saved, and all that Jesus done for them. At the time there was not alot of ways to entertain yourself so singing and playing music was very popular, so most people would write and sing about the great things the lord done. If we didn't have church music we might not of had some of the best singers of the time like Elvis Presley, Dolly Parton, Ralph Stanley, and Loretta Lynn. These artist started by singing Appalachian gospel, So the gospel music you hear might be the song that help make that artist. Sadly these songs are being forgotten by the next generation, so we must preserve the heritage that are great grandparents made.      

Living water baptisms

One of the most popular ways of getting baptized is in a river or lake. In Appalachia it's the only way to get baptized. In the bible Solomon wrote about a ''Fountain of gardens, a well of living water, so when translated by southern baptist or even baptist it was taken literal, and they only baptize in creeks, rivers, and lakes. This is not true for all baptist. Back when they had tent revivals they would usually also have a baptism later or the next day. This picture shows what an old timely baptism would look like. A ton of people you dont really know watching you get dunked. They ether wore a white rob or some old clothes, and the preacher that was doing it usually wore a suit. Now baptisms are usually done a indoor baptism pool instead of the old way.  

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Preaching back when tent revivals were happening a lot more often was all fire and brimstone. The preaching was more intense the preacher wanted you to get the holy ghost and run around. They had passion for the word. the difference in preachers now is that as a culture who are more drawn in dont want all that jumping and yelling we just want to here the word and go home. I would love to go back and be there when that preacher was sharing the good word and hearing the passion in his voice. The environment for the revivals were not the best usually a barn or just giant tent and it was very hot. This way of preaching has surely faded in the past, but has not left just yet.        
Speaking in tongues is a way of worship for Episcopalian. Some people think this language is spoken by angels or a other earthly language. The Appalachians had alot of tent revival, in these revivals some people would speak in tongues. This act was taboo to the people who was not used to it. The bible says that only men can speak in tongues, but women do anyway. This act started a whole new way of praise and changed over time.  

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Snake Handling

This post is not to offend any one just to help people understand what this is all about. The people that do this feel the lord protecting them from the bite of the snake they think with the help of the lord the snake will not bite them. As the people walk toward the box they say they get a awareness of death and that they can over come it, as they do this preacher shouts ''there is death in this box''. These people handle very deadly snakes such as copper heads, and rattle snake and so forth. An example is, Jolo, West Virgina there is a church that handles poisonous snakes they dance, sing and drink poison along with handling the snakes. They tell of a verse in the bible that Gods believers should go and drink poison and handle snakes, some would translate that verse differently, but they take the literal term of it and they decide to handle the snakes and drink the poison. This shows that religion and the culture of the Appalachians is being past down through generations. 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

the start

  In these blogs I will look at the way worship was back then. the way worship has changed is amazing. back then we had fire and brimstone slinging preachers now more posters are more logic and teaching the bible. the people in the pew would run and scream worship but now the stand and worship but nothing big like back then. What is stopping us from begging like them why did we change if our fathers fathers did it why cant we. this is more of a opinion you might have so there is no right answers. but its a question to thank about.